Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service in Marion County

Two-wheel alignment service is often called front end alignment and involves making sure your front wheels are aligned so you get the best ride going down the highway. Some newer cars with all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive require a four-wheel alignment, but two-wheel drive cars might only need to have their front wheels aligned.

At Skyline Ford we keep Fords and other cars running. Our two locations in Salem and Keizer make it easy to reach us from Albany, Silverton, and Independence, OR. Bring your car in today to get your wheels aligns and inspected.

Misaligned Front Wheels

The most common symptom of a car out of alignment is having the car pull to one side or the other gradually as you go down the road.  If you notice you are having to correct the steering, there may be an alignment issue. A bad alignment can also make your tires wear unevenly and make them wear out sooner than they should. In extreme cases, bad alignment can make steering very difficult and even make you run off the road.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

There are a lot of reasons to get your car's alignment checked at Skyline Ford in Marion County. The main reason is to make sure your car will stay on the road. Bad alignment can cause steering issues and make it hard to stay on the road. When you notice the car often drifting to one side, it is a good idea to get it checked. The problem will only get worse and could eventually cause an accident. It can also wear out your tires, and even your brakes, sooner than they should. Getting a two-wheel alignment service could save you money over time, and will make your car safer and easier to drive.


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Getting the work done at Skyline Ford assures you of genuine OEM Ford parts, and our certified technicians know Fords better than anyone. We have two easy to access locations in Salem and Keizer, OR.

Relax in our comfortable waiting area, watch our HD TV and enjoy some free Wifi. We have gourmet coffee and snacks, as well as the latest newspaper and magazines for you to use while you wait. A front end alignment requires some fancy equipment, and we have the latest at Skyline Ford, but the job itself does not take a great deal of time. A short wait in our waiting area will have you on the road and running smoothly in a very short time.