Transmission Replacement

Replacing Your Ford's Transmission

Transmission replacement. A scary set of words for car drivers everywhere for not only the health of their car but also the health of their wallets. At Skyline Ford, we work hard to not only service vehicles but to also ease customer stress when it comes to major repairs and replacements like your transmission.

Let's break it down. What exactly is your transmission?

Your transmission, you love it. The transmission is what helps automatic drivers stay automatic. The car transmission is what actually enables your car to shift gears when accelerating, decelerating and traveling through the hills and mountains.

Signs it needs some attention:

  • There is a noticeable delay when accelerating
  • Gears slipping? One second you're driving in the right gear, the next, the gear slips and you hear grinding noises coming from the engine
  • Hard time shifting? Maybe you've noticed when making big moves, your car suddenly can't keep up 
  • Fluid leak
  • The obvious: transmission light ignites in your dashboard

Your transmission may need to be replaced due to all sorts of reasons. Sometimes you are putting more stress on your vehicle than it is meant to handle - hauling trailers when it's meant to not even be hauling. Other times it can stem from general lack of maintenance, not maintaining your cooling system or being stuck somewhere and spinning your wheels too hard for too long. Sure these things may seem small, but the additional stress that this places on your car isn't always salvageable.


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When you notice any of the signs above, bring your car in to see our team of factory-trained professionals at Skyline Ford to ensure we can fix the issue before it becomes a problem. Drivers in Keizer or Salem, OR and surrounding areas prefer the team at Skyline Ford for all their vehicle needs, especially the big ones like getting their transmissions serviced and/or replaced.

Our team is stacked with professionally trained technicians and highly knowledgeable staff to provide the best service possible and get you back on the road. The next time you're in need of a routine service or major maintenance or repair, book your appointment with Skyline Ford over the phone or with our easy online booking options.

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