All the Services Your Vehicle Needs here at our Quick Lane® Service Center!

If you recently purchased a new Ford model or used car from Skyline Ford, service and maintenance might not be on your mind, but it certainly should be! You should schedule a Quick Lane® service appointment after a certain number of miles, which varies depending on the age and mileage of your car. Ford models are known for their resilience, but that does not happen on its own, your new or used car must be maintained to ensure it continues to ruin at peak efficiency. Fortunately, the folks at Skyline Ford are here to help through our Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center, so let us take a look at the various services that we offer to help keep your Ford looking and feeling its best! Our Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center is located just a half hour outside of Albany at our Keizer location, and we are proudly serving Wilsonville as well!

All the Right Services Under One Roof!

Our Quick Lane® Ture and Auto Center in Keizer employs a number of factory-trained mechanics who are fully certified to perform any maintenance and service project from the simple ones to the more intricate. Simply schedule an appointment online, from your home computer in Portland or Independence, and one of our service center mechanics will reach out to confirm your appointment. The Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center offers a number of routine maintenance projects, including:

  • Oil Changes: This is one of the most rudimentary, yet arguably one of the most important maintenance projects for your Ford model as it prevents the buildup of sludge when commuting to and from Mount Angel. Excess sludge and an under-lubricated engine can lead to damage in the long run.
  • Brakes: Another essential aspect of your new or used Ford model, your brakes will ultimately need repair or replacing as they deteriorate over time. Our service center offers a wide variety of high-quality brakes and brake fluid when your vehicle is in need.
  • Battery Testing: Batteries are another important, yet finite, part of a strong vehicles and can deteriorate in adverse weather conditions as well as over longer periods of time. Routine testing is essential to find out if your battery is ready to go for another season or if it requires replacement.
  • Cooling System: In order to prevent overheating, our service center mechanics will you're your coolant system, including hoses and fluid levels, to ensure that the equipment remains damage-free and all fluids are topped off or flushed when they get older.
  • Belts and Hoses: These pieces of equipment can often be overlooked by those unfamiliar with engine components when addressing breakdowns and shutdowns. Here at Quick Lane®, our mechanics will inspect both for cracks and deformities, which includes checking belts for adequate tension and pinch-testing hoses to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Multi-Point Inspections: As they repair and maintain your vehicle our dedicated mechanics will inspect all important systems to ensure that any potential issues which might arise down the road are addressed and that important repairs are scheduled.

All the Right Tires!

In addition to important repairs, our Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center is stocked with the top brands. All of these brands can be compatible with your new or used Ford model, and we will find the right size to match. Available brands at our tire center include Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, and Continental Tire.

Life in the Quick Lane®!

Our Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center is herein Keizer to get your new or used car the most high-quality repairs it needs in a reliable amount of time. Schedule an appointment here online and come see us today! Our Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center is located less than 25 minutes outside of Silverton and we are proudly serving Jefferson as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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