Dealerships have been selling cars to the public for more than 100 years, but there are still some people that are not completely comfortable with the entire process. They believe they must use special tricks and tactics in order to get the best deal. Doing this accomplishes nothing, and it can actually complicate the buying process. Since we at Skyline Ford strive to make it as easy as possible for you to buy a new car or a used model, we are going to debunk a few myths about the car buying process.

One of the most common myths is that you will get a better deal on your car by paying with cash. While paying with cash can sometimes speed up the buying process, it will not lower the overall price of your car. You may actually end up paying a little more for your vehicle because of the special financing deals that are often offered to our customers.

You may have also heard that it is best to wait until it is raining in Salem, OR until going car shopping. Our sales associates are willing to sell a car at any time, so they are not going to be affected by a few rain drops. They are more than willing to get wet while you view and test drive vehicles on the lot. Everyone may have to dry off in the dealership for a few minutes, but the rain is not going to lead to a cheaper purchase price.

Car buyers may be tempted to wait until the last second to reveal they have a trade-in vehicle. There is a popular myth that this will results in a higher trade-in value, but this is completely untrue. Our assessment of your vehicle will always be the same. You are just delaying the entire process for a few hours by withholding this information.