Ford Commits to Environmental Sustainability by Turning Off the Faucet

Ford Motor Company is not only reducing its impact on the global environment by diversifying its hybrid and electric car lineup, it is taking steps to relieve the burden on other resources, too.

Changing climate patterns and increasing population growth both push the issue of water security to the forefront. Many dry regions are becoming drier, making drinking water scarcer. Meanwhile, growing population and urbanization contributes to water pollution. The last thing the world needs is an automaker using up what clean water we have left.

Between 2011 and 2015, Ford reduced the amount of water it used during manufacturing by 30 percent. Its water conservation strategy was so progressive and transparent, it was one of only eight companies to receive recognition as an "A-List Leader" by the CDP.

"Access to clean, affordable drinking water is a basic human right," says Andrew Hobbs, Ford Global Director of Environmental Quality. "We have worked diligently to set goals to reduce our water use while introducing innovative manufacturing technologies to help us achieve these goals."

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