Ford to Become First Automotive Company to Share Academic Building

When the University of Michigan completes construction on its new robotics laboratory in 2020, it will have a space dedicated for use by Ford Motor Company's research scientists.

Ford is striving steadfastly toward the vision of manufacturing SAE-defined level 4 autonomous vehicles at the production level, available to consumers by 2021. Joining forces with U-M is a smart part of that future. The university is the best in the country when it comes to automotive research, and Ford has been working with them on various projects for a decade.

Ford will lease the fourth floor of U-M's new robotics building, and install a team of over 100 employees there. Two U-M professors have already been named as leaders of the collaboration.

"Ford engineers and researchers will begin working shoulder-to-shoulder with U-M faculty and students to test and learn about autonomous vehicle technology and innovation," said Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO. "We are aiming to show the world what we can achieve when leaders in business and academia work together to make people's lives better."

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