How to Bring Along Enough Drinks for the Whole Team

It's your kid's big Lacrosse game, and you have been volunteered to bring smoothies for everybody. Your work crew has been putting in overtime lately, so you want to reward them all by bringing in coffee and donuts. Whatever your occasion, sometimes you need to transport an absurd number of beverages all at once.

How do you do it without spilling soda all over the upholstery?

Ford recommends a simple technique using only a silicone muffin tray, and a laundry basket. The depressions in a muffin pan are perfectly sized for most cups, and grippy silicone will hold them steady. Fill up the muffin tray with up to a dozen drinks, then place them in a laundry basket for added spill-protection. Then, you can secure them inside the cargo area of your SUV, or the bed of your truck, and arrive at your destination a hero of hydration.

Of course, if you are the driver of a 2017 Ford Super Duty, carrying extra drinks may not be a problem. It features a unique center cup holder that transforms from two to four barrels instantly. Come see how the convenient features of new Ford vehicles can change your life by taking a test drive at Skyline Ford.

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