Ford’s EcoBoost® Engine is Too Powerful for Most Objects

Hitting off a regular pitching machine is hard enough, it can pitch a ball as fast as 90 mph! But when Ford joined forced with action star and over-all smart guy Dolph Lundgren to marry a 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine to a standard pitching machine, things took a turn for the awesome in the form of the EcoBoost®-powered Ballistic Ball Launcher, a suped-up pitching machine capable of throwing over 200 mph, right through the triple-layer of drywall. That answers the “What if?” question, which forced Ford and Mr. Lundgren to ask, “But can a human hit the Super Pitch?” Watch below to find out; no goalie pads required.

Perhaps what that experiment teaches us is science is awesome and Ford’s EcoBoost® engines are simply too much for object that weren’t built tough enough to handle them. The EcoBoost® engines are able to maintain a great balance between efficiency and power by using turbocharging and direct injection. The best part is, most vehicles in the Ford lineup have an available EcoBoost® engine, so whether you’re searching for a Ford SUV, and Ford Sedan, or a rugged Ford truck, there’s an EcoBoost® engine ready to give you The Boost, too.

For Oregonians looking to get behind the wheel of a new or pre-owned Ford vehicle with the power of the EcoBoost® engine behind them, come visit us at Skyline Ford. Our friendly staff and warm welcome will make you feel right at home as you find the perfect vehicle for your and your family’s motoring needs, so stop by or give us a call at (503) 581-2411 today!

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