Grow the Leaves of Efficiency with a Ford Hybrid

How do you know you're driving efficiently? Most modern vehicles have a fuel economy gauge that will tell you what your average mpg is, or even a running estimate of fuel efficiency at that moment. Those tell you how much gas you're using, but they don't give you a major incentive to improve.

Ford researchers decided they could do better with their hybrid lineup. They designed Efficiency Leaves.

The leaves work just about the same way as a mundane fuel-economy gauge, but instead of showing numbers, it displays artistically rendered flora. A little vine grows taller, and its leaves grow fuller and more numerous in response to fuel-efficient driving practices.

Drive inefficiently, and the leaves wilt and die.

Just by using attractive visual cues in place of dry numbers, Ford created a surprisingly effective motivator that teaches hybrid drivers to burn less fossil fuel.

See the leaves of efficiency, and other innovative SmartGauge® with EcoGuide features in a new hybrid, like the Fusion Hybrid, or the C-Max Energi at Skyline Ford.

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