Ford Releases New Line of Branded RVs

Have you always been a lover of the great outdoors? Perhaps you were the little girl who preferred playing cowgirl over tea party, or liked to try to rope and wrangle the dog rather than painting your fingernails. Or, if you’re a man, perhaps there is a woman in your life who is more of an outdoorsy type.

If so, listen up: we’ve learned of a group for outdoor adventure just for women and think you might be interested. It’s called, “Sisters on the Fly,” and boasts more than 6,500 members around the globe. What started out as a small, informal group in 1999 by two real, biological sisters, has grown by leaps and bounds.

These women get together at annual events and many bring their own campers or RVs. We thought of the Sisters on the Fly recently when we learned this news from Ford:

At Skyline Ford we hope you’ll stop by and visit us here in Salem, Oregon soon. We have a great lineup of both new and pre-owned vehicles for you to browse and test drive.

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