What Exactly Is a Plug-In?

If you've ever found yourself in the embarrassing situation of not knowing the difference between a hybrid, and a plug-in hybrid, we've got just the guide for you. Ford has made a comparison of all their different fuel-efficiency offerings.

The first option Ford offers is EcoBoost, an internal combustion engine with high efficiency thanks to direct-injection and turbocharging. EcoBoost is available on a large selection of popular Ford models.

Hybrid cars use an electric motor in conjunction with an internal combustion engine to get the best efficiency out of both. Electric motors are highly efficient at starting and stopping, and low-speed travel, so city-driving will be done primarily with on electricity. Gas engines are more efficient at sustained travel at high speeds, so highway driving relies more on gasoline.

A plug-in hybrid, like the Ford Fusion Energi, also uses a gas engine and an electric motor, but relies more heavily on the battery and gets better gas mileage. These vehicles can travel in electric-only mode, using no gas at all. The only catch is you have to plug them in -- though Ford plug-ins can still run like a normal hybrid if you forget to charge them.

All-electric vehicles eschew gasoline entirely. As battery range gets longer, and charge times get shorter, zero-emission all-electrics may become the driving trend of the future.

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