How Jose Cuervo Could Make a Greener Ford

Generally, tequila and cars don't go together without disastrous consequences, but this team-up between Jose Cuervo® and Ford Motor Company is for a worthy cause. Both companies are looking for ways to help reduce their environmental impacts.

Jose Cuervo grows millions of agave plants, which are hardy desert-dwelling shrubs that take up to 10 years to mature. When it's time for harvest, the agave is squeezed for its juices, which will then be fermented and distilled into alcohol, and the remainder of the plant is left over as a byproduct.

Some artisans craft paper out of agave fiber, and Jose Cuervo uses some of it itself as fertilizer for growing future generations of agave plants, but it can be tricky to make good use out of all of it. The tequila-maker is looking for better ways to recycle its agave fiber, and Ford is looking for bioplastic materials.

It's a perfect match.

According to Ford's researchers, agave fiber may have just the right heat-resistant properties they are looking for to make a composite plastic for cup holders, storage bins, and more. This renewable material could reduce petroleum use, greenhouse-gas emissions, and make vehicles lighter.

Agave isn't the first farm-to-car material Ford has invested in. Most of the new vehicles for sale at Skyline Ford contain soy-based foams. Contact us for more information.

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